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Enter & View

What is Enter & View?

Healthwatch Stockport has the legal powers to Enter & View Health and Social Care providers to observe matters relating to health and social care services.

Enter and view powers enables authorised representatives to visit any publicly funded health and social care service in Stockport or in other areas where Stockport residents may go to receive care, in these cases we will work with the other Local Healthwatch.

Who are Authorised Representatives?

Authorised representatives of Healthwatch Stockport will be recruited from the membership. Anyone who is a member can put themselves forward to be considered to become an authorised representative.

Do I have to be qualified in health and social care?

No, but it helps to be familiar with how Healthwatch is run. It helps to be able to engage and interact with individuals to find out about their experiences.

However, full training will be given and you will have to have a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. You will also be required to follow the detailed Healthwatch Stockport Code of Conduct for ‘Entering and Viewing’ premises.  Representatives that enter and view must have certificates of authorisation from Healthwatch Stockport before entering any setting. 

Most of the time when we set our priorities for the year ahead and we ask the Enter and View Team to help us engage with local people to help in different settings.Sometimes we arrange with the care provider when we are going to visit. On other occasions

Our current Enter & View Authorised Representatives are:

David Atkinson, Eve Brown, John Buckley, Jackie Burns, Mike Cain, Sue Carroll, Patricia Fraser, Tony Johnson, John Leach, Margaret McCausland, Pauline Roberts, Moong Seng Ong and Gerry Wright.

Contact Us:

Healthwatch Stockport
Land o Cakes, 48 Middle Hillgate, Stockport SK1 3DL.

Tel: 0161 974 0753