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Pharmacy Electronic Referral System – Patient views wanted!

The 10 Healthwatch organisations in Greater Manchester are working with the Local Professional Network (LNP) to find out the public’s view on the introduction of an electronic referral system between pharmacy teams - such as hospital, community, general practice and mental health - across Greater Manchester and if they support the principle of sharing information this way.

The LPN works with patients and the public to improve local dental, community pharmacy and optometry (eye care) services. It is part of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership which is investigating the feasibility of introducing an electronic referral system between pharmacy teams across Greater Manchester.

Members of the public who have stayed in hospital in the last two years are invited to take part in an online survey to share their experiences – whether good, bad or indifferent - with prescribed medication both during and after their. 

Please take some time to let us know what you think with our online survey here.

The survey closes on 18 March 2018

Each Healthwatch organisation will also host a Pharmacy Electronic Referral System Focus Group for members of the public who have stayed in hospital in the last two years on what is important to them about medicines on discharge from hospital and if they would welcome additional support to help them to take their medicines.

The Healthwatch Stockport Pharmacy Electronic Referral System Focus Group will take place on Friday 9th March, 10.30am - 1pm, at Healthwatch Stockport, Land O Cakes, 48 Middle Hillgate, Stockport, SK1 3DL

If you are interested in take part or wish to find out more, please contact us on 0161 974 0753 or email info@healthwatchstockport.co.uk.

The outcome of the work will help to inform the creation of a service that delivers effective, timely referral between pharmacy teams and has the opportunity to improve patient care across Greater Manchester.

Find out more about the work by clicking the link below!



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