Dementia work in Stockport

Healthwatch Stockport want you to share your views and experiences on dementia.
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In 2017 Healthwatch Stockport carried engagement with local communities on its work programme for 2017-19. Dementia came up as an issue that local people wanted Healthwatch Stockport to work on.

We delegated the work programme to our Enter and View team. So far the team have invited providers and commissioners in to provide back ground information about the Dementia Strategy in Stockport. The team used this as a starting point in which to base their work.

An action plan has been created to understand the current dementia strategy and the way it is being delivered in providing services for people living with dementia and their carers, family and friends.

So far we have engaged with dementia support groups as part of our work on the NHS 10 Year Plan and we are about to carry out a series of Enter & View visits to places where care is provided for people with dementia.

We want to continue to hear your views about local dementia support services. Do they work for you, how accessible is local information about services and do you know where to go to receive help?  If you or a loved one is living with dementia either in your own home or a care home please get in touch.


By December 31st 2019 Healthwatch Stockport will produce a report following a review of the effectiveness of Dementia support services by engaging people living with dementia and their carers, professionals working in services which support people living with dementia and the voluntary sector about their experiences. We will carry out an online survey, conduct interviews and undertake a series of Enter & View Visits to places of health and social care. We will ask people what types of dementia support services are working well and what can be improved.

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