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Your spotlight on local services

May 2019 E-Bulletin

Hello members & friends and welcome to the May e-bulletin from Healthwatch Stockport, your local Health and Social Care Champion. 
 Inform | Involve | Influence 
Chief Officers Welcome
Welcome to the May edition of Healthwatch Stockport News. This month we reflect on the work we have been involved with around End of Life Care and access to British Sign Language Interpreters.

Our organisational feature focuses on Mellor Country House.

Our profile volunteer this Month is David Atkinson. David is our long suffering Finance Director who keeps us in check and makes sure we don’t spend too much money!

The staff profile is Maqbul Rose, See what a typical day is like for our newly promoted Engagement Officer at Healthwatch Stockport!

Early this year NHS England launched its 10 year NHS PLAN and Healthwatch across the country have been running local focus groups and taking part in nationwide surveys. Thankyou to those of you who have contributed, a full national report will be available in June.
I am pleased to announce that our funding for 2019-20 has just been confirmed for a further 12 months. We have met with our commissioners to further develop our information and signposting service, which until now has been funded through our reserves.

This next year will be one of refresh and review as the council will be working with us to work out how Healthwatch Stockport will be funded in the future.

In April Healthwatch turned 6 years old so I hope you enjoy this Birthday Edition of the Bulletin.

Member Profile 
David Atkinson 

Name and a little bit about yourself? I'm David and I'm from Marple.

In your view what does Healthwatch Stockport do? I think Healthwatch, gives the professionals a public view on how services should be put together. Champion of the needs of the people of Stockport.

Why did you get involved with Healthwatch Stockport? Well I have always been in Business and when I Retired I had no real hobbies. With time on my hands I wanted to give back to Stockport the place where I grew up and lived in. I really just wanted to get involved with the people of Stockport.

How long have you been involved with Healthwatch Stockport? I have been involved with Healthwatch since around when I retired, so around 2008. Healthwatch was originally the local involvement network. 

What is the best thing about Healthwatch Stockport? The best thing about Healthwatch is that we do get listened too and we do have teeth. We have statutory rights, that let us do certain things and that they do have to take Healthwatch into consideration. Our Enter and View team cannot be patted on the head and then sent away, we can’t be refused entry on the premises. It’s good that Healthwatch have committed people too some that are volunteers and who want to fight to get improvements in Stockport.

What could be improved? We need to blow our trumpet louder, the people of Stockport need to know we are here and where we are. There is not enough people that know that we exist. We need to become more of a presence, by bombarding the local press, getting posters/ flyers up in local hospitals and attend more events. We need to have new members, with new voices. I think the signposting idea is a good idea, as more people will be in touch if they need our help.

Do you belong to any other organisations or groups other than Healthwatch Stockport? None others than Healthwatch. I never really had had any real hobbies, this is one of the reasons why i decided to join Healthwatch.

What is your favourite meal? hmm, Surf and Turf. But fish and chips is good too, curry sauce is really quite moreish! 

Can you sing and whats your karaoke song? I can't sing, I'm hopeless. I always know the tunes, but can never remember the words. My favourite band is The Rolling Stones, I was abit of a goodie and they were quite badly behaved, so that is what attracted me to them! Eric Clapton is my favourite artist.

If you had a Health & Social Care Magic Wand – what would you wish for? I’m going to say something selfish and ask for better social care for the elderly. You shouldn’t have to sell your house to die well. More care for being looked after in your own home.
Staff Profile
Maqbul Rose

Position - Work Programme Manager

What do you most enjoy about working at Healthwatch Stockport? 
I really like it when we make a difference, and we can make a difference. I really enjoy consulting with the people of Stockport and getting involved with the community to help improve local health and care services.

Why did you join Healthwatch Stockport? The role is very varied, you don't have a single day the same and it is exciting. With the ever changing climate, you are kept on your toes, supporting people to meet their needs.

Is there anything you think Healthwatch Stockport could focus more on? Yes there is a few things I could think off, but we don’t have the capacity or the funding to meet the challenges that come through the door every day.

When you aren't busy being an Work Programme Manager, What do you like to do? I like the fact that I can be the voice for the Stockport community, and sometimes this means challenging the policy makers; to meet the needs of our community.

Do you belong to any other organisations or groups other than Healthwatch Stockport?  I am on the Parent Teachers Association at my child's school and also a Governor at the school.

What is your favourite meal? Anything (haha), really anything that is spicy especially indian curry.

Can you sing and what is your karaoke song? 
I can sing terribly (haha) and my karaoke song is 'It's Raining Men' or 'Reflex' by Duran Duran. 

If you had a Health & Social Care Magic Wand – what would you wish for?  I wish there wasn’t a need for Health and social care service. I’d hope that our foundations were good enough that we didn’t need health and social care services.
Work Programme Update

End of Life

At the End of January Healthwatch Stockport in partnership with Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group and Stockport NHS Foundation Trust held an afternoon conversation about the end of life.

We invited people to come and talk to us about their experiences of caring for a loved one in the last 12 months of their lives. It was a heartfelt and humbling afternoon. Our members were very open and honest about the care and support received by them and their loved ones, it paved the way to talk more about the end of life and also about improving the journey people make in those final months. The CCG and Foundation Trust are committed to improving the model of care and support and have committed to a follow up session in the Autumn. You can read a copy of our report here at 

Copies of the report will be available during Dying Matters Week in May.

See events below for more details. If you would like to get involved in the End of Life Care work later in the autumn please contact the office.

Sign language Interpreters

Last year Healthwatch Stockport were alerted to the difficulties people who are deaf are having with access to British Sign Language Interpreters when visiting the hospital for appointments.

We have teamed up with Walthew House(a local charity which provides inclusive & accessible services for people in Stockport who are living with a sensory loss) to try and address this with Stepping Hill Hospital. Although the hospital acknowledges that there is an issue, we have seen little improvement from feedback and again are trying to support the hospital to resolve. 
Organisation Feature 

Mellor County House built in 1907, in the lovely village of Mellor. Set up as a Charity it is dedicated to providing breaks for families, groups, carers and individuals that are usually from nearby  urban backgrounds who could not, otherwise, have a break at all.

The aim is to make a difference by providing a safe secure, relaxing environment for the socially and finically disadvantaged. The Stay at the Mellor County House can be their only holiday and their only break from their day to day routine, being quite literally a life-saver.

With accommodation for up to 24 guests, and 11 bedrooms and on a self-catering basis with a well equipped kitchen and dining room and restful lounges and a children’s playroom. They also have a disabled suite with two beds and a beautiful bathroom including a luxurious spa bath.
 Outside, the grounds include a secure play area for toddlers, a bike track for the older children, a paved patio with barbeque, lots of room for everyone to run around and a private lawn area with benches and seating for quiet reflection.

Visitors are referred by other Charities and Social Services or by personal approach, from urban areas of Greater Manchester, Stockport and Salford. At the house Mellor Country House provide the setting for training and development for some of our visitors e.g. youth groups to improve their employability through a series of planned exercises and team building events. These include life skills, Job Search, Numeracy and Literacy.

For more information visit the site here at www.mellorcountryhouse.co.uk
& for their Twitter Page click here 
Mellor Country House are running an Annual plant sale on the 18th/19th May from 10am till 4pm. For more information on how to get involved visit the link here  or call 0161 427 1893
Charity/ Community Group of the Year
From April we will be supporting a local voluntary or community group for the year 2019-20. We have introduced this as part of our commitment to providing social value to our Stockport community members.

We would like to support a local group of people by helping to raise their profile and some funds by hosting some coffee mornings and other fundraising initiatives.  We are extremely pleased to announce our Charity of the year is Stroke Information. Nick Clarke set up this charity in 2013 following a stroke and now runs information drops in sessions, fundraising activities and supports people in all aspects of  living life following a stroke. 

For more information about Stroke Information please visit the home page at https://www.strokeinformation.co.uk/
& to follow the twitter page click here
Volunteering and Job Opportunities 


Would you like to become a Healthwatch Stockport Champion?  There are many opportunities to become involved in Healthwatch Stockport. Keep a look out on our new Linkedin Page for the latest job and volunteering opportunities. or give the office a call on0161 974 0753

We will be running Champion Training in June, if you would like to become a Healthwatch Stockport Champon, please contact the office.

Information and Engagement Officer

We are seeking a part time experienced enthusiastic, community focused Information and Engagement Officer to join our Healthwatch Stockport team.
Primarily you will be providing health and social care information to enquirers & signposting people to local services. You will be able to engage local people in a range of health and social care related projects.
  • 20 hours per week 10am – 2pm Monday – Friday
  • salary range £18,795 - £21,166 [pro rata]
Deadline 4pm 17th May 2019
Job descriptions and application forms are available on our website at https://www.healthwatchstockport.co.uk/information-and-engagement-officer

or you can call the office on 0161 974 0753 and speak to Maria Kildunne for more information.
Email: maria@healthwatchstockport.co.uk
Out and About 


Over the past couple of months, we have been busy encouraging local people to get involved in the NHS 10 Year Plan. In Stockport we ran several focus groups with our specialist focus group being 'dementia' as it is part of our work programme. In the month of May we ran a #WhatWouldYouDo campaign and asked if people would take our NHS 10 Year Plan Survey, we managed to get over 100 people taking part. 

We've also been writing up our End of Life Care Report, which is now published, see above.

The Team and Representatives have also attended meetings or been to visit the following:
  • Young people's learning group in Manchester
  • Give2Gain
  • Greater Manchester BME Networking groups
  • Macular Degeneration Group 
  • U3A Group in Cheadle
  • Moat House School
  • Beechwood Cancer Centre 
  • North West Ambulance Service
Happening This Month
Action on Stroke month
Happening throughout May

In Stockport around 700 people a year have a stroke or a transient ischaemic attack (a mini stroke) and each year around 170 people die as a result of a stroke. Join together in Stockport and #MakeMayPurple by joining the campaign which turns the spotlight on the risk factors and symptoms of a stroke.

For more info visit www.stroke.org.uk

Deaf Awareness week 
Monday 6th May till 12th May 
Deaf Awareness Week is a unique campaign in that so many different organisations participate, each able to promote their own work within the broad spectrum of deafness.This year the campaign is celebrating role models. 

For more info visit www.deafcouncil.org.uk

Mental Health Awareness Week
Monday 13th May till 19th May 
The Theme for 2019 is Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies. You can download the starter pack just click here.

Dying Matters Week
Monday 13th May till 19th May 
Healthwatch Stockport will be attending the Dying Matters event this month, for more information check the events below. We have also published our End of Life Care Report which you can find here End of Life Report

for more info click here

Arthiritis Care Awareness Week
Tuesday 14th May till 20th May 

Arthritis Care Awareness Week is a UK based event which raises awareness about arthritis, gathers support for people with this condition, and highlights the work of Arthritis Care, a charity which supports this event. Arthritis is a condition marked by painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.

National Epilepsy Week
Monday 20th May till 26th May 

National Epilepsy Week will be taking place to raise awareness for those affected by epilepsy, what epilepsy is, who’s affected and what can be done to help those who suffer from this condition.

for more info visit www.epilepsysociety.org.uk

Dementia Awareness Week
Monday 20th May till 26th May 

Dementia Action Week unites people, workplaces, schools and communities to take action and improve the lives of people living with dementia.  

Alzheimer's Society new film shows kids asking people with dementia profound and funny questions - challenging misconceptions and showing that people with dementia, although they have struggles, are still themselves. All people need to do is ask. So keep your eyes peeled out for the new video, coming out this month 

for more info click on the link www.alzheimers.org.uk/

Action for Brain Injury Week
Monday 20th May till 26th May 

The Theme for this year is 'fatigue'.

Hats for Headway Day will take place on Friday 24 May and once again provide a fun way for people to get involved and raise money to support either national or local Headway services.

For more info visit www.headway.org.uk

Upcoming Events

Coffee Morning

Date: Friday 24th May 
Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm
Venue: Healthwatch StockportLand o Cakes, 48 Middle Hillgate, Stockport SK1 3DL

Cost: £1

We will be hosting a coffee morning to raise a little bit of money for Stroke Information; our charity of the year and also to promote Healthwatch Stockport, so come on down if you want to have a chat with us.


Stroke Information Morning 

Date: Tuesday 21st May 
Time: 9:00am - 1:30pm
Cheshire Conference & Events at Edgeley Park, sapphire suite, cheshire conference and events, Hardcastle Road, Stockport SK3 9DD

We have teamed up with Stroke Information our charity of the year, to provide a morning talking about others that have been affected by stroke. How to cope and what support is available to us. Also a chance to purchase a personalised copy of 'in the Blink of an eye, reborn' which a  remarkable story about a stroke survivors recovery. To your book your ticket now,
follow this link for Stroke Information Morning.

Dying Matters Awareness Session

Date: Wednesday 15th of May & Thursday 16th of May
Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm (Wed) - 2pm - 4pm (Thur)
Venue: The Meadows Community Hospital, SK2 5EQ

To raise awareness around dementia and end of life and that it is a life limiting illness and to help people feel empowered and in control of their health and wellbeing. Healthwatch Stockport will also be attending the event with Healthwatch information and copies of the End of Life Conversation report. 

To Book on or for more info email: Bridget.willis@nhs.net

Cheadle Dementia Showcase Event

Date: Thursday 23rd May 
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Moseley Room, The Upper Room, Back Massie Street, Cheadle, SK8 1DW

At the Cheadle Dementia Showcase Event you will able to meet people with shared life experiences and organisations that may be appropriate to support you, or you may be able to support. This event is for people looking at care services for themselves or their family and for people that would like to support others. Healthwatch Stockport will be doing a talk at this event.
To book on, visit 

Karate classes 

Date: Every Friday
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Venue: Adswood Young People's Centre, Neston Grove SK3 8PH

About: Karate for children and Young people (Ages 6 and Up) who have additional needs/ disabilities, their siblings and parents/ guardians/carers with Sensei Mat Khan. For more info contact Sensei Mat Khan on 07746436450

Mindfulness Colouring for Adults 

Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Venue: Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, SK3 8AB
Cost: Free

About: Life is stressful so why not take some time to relax put and your focus elsewhere for a while. Come and colour in some beautiful designs that you can take away with you. For more information please call 0161 474 4453 or email 

Park Run

Date: Every Saturday 
Time: 9:00am
Cost: Free
  • Bruntwood Park, Bruntwood Lane, Cheadle, Stockport, SK8 1HX
  •  Woodbank, Turncroft Lane, Offerton, Stockport, SK1 4JR
  • Marple, Brabyns Park, Brabyns Brow, Marple Bridge, Stockport, SK6 5DT (junior run)
Come together every Saturday morning and run or walk 5km, how fast do you have to be? you don't, they just want you to do it for your own enjoyment! For more information on how to sign up follow the link here www.parkrun.org.uk

Cheadle History Walk 

Date: Saturday 11th May 2019
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Venue: Abney Court Care Home, Manchester Rd, Cheadle SK8 2PD 

Ran by the Cheadle Heritage Group, the walk will take place at the Abney Court Care Home. Join the short walk with the history of Cheadle. Setting off at 1pm at an easy pace, the walk will visit some of Cheadle’s historic areas and buildings. The walk will finish back at Abney Court, at 2:30pm for a cup of Tea or Coffee and a slice of cake.
For more info email : 

Skills for Life - Cycling Programme 

Date: Every Wednesday from the 1st May till 5th June 
Time: 9:30am - 5:00pm

Over six weeks you’ll develop your skills and fitness learning how to cycle, off-road, in the countryside.
Bikes, helmets, all equipment and packed lunch provided. Transport from Cornerstone (and back) included.
If this is something you'd be interested in then email :
customer.training@stockporthomes.org or call 0161 474 2862

Care about Dementia Party 

Date: Friday 24th May 
Time: 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Venue: Rose Walker Centre, Essex Avenue, Cheadle Heath, Stockport, SK3 0JA
Cost: Free

Come on down to the Care about Dementia party during the Dementia awareness week, with live music by loose change buskers, with a buffet and raffle everyone is welcome. 

See, Make & Do: Autism Friendly Early Openings 

Dates: Saturday 4 May, Nature’s Library and Vivarium (Live Animals) gallery, Floor 2
Saturday 11 May, Living Worlds and Nature Discovery, Floor 1
Saturday 18 May, Heritage Futures, Floor 3
Time: 9:15am - 10:30am
Venue: Manchester Museum, meet at reception

Join us for our early openings at the Museum aimed at children aged 5-16 who have autism or other needs, along with their families and carers, and siblings. Activities begin before the Museum opens to the general public and there is a quiet room available. See objects, do activities and make creations inspired by one of the Museum’s galleries. To make a referral please contact Victoria Gran by email
victoria.grant@manchester.ac.uk or call 0161 306 1779

Drop in Coffee Mornings  

Date: Tuesday 21st May 
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Venue: The Together Trust, Schools Hill, Cheadle,  SK8 1JE
Cost: Free

With the Together Trust their 'Together For Families' team organise free monthly ‘Drop in and chat’ coffee mornings at their central office site in Cheadle.  Parents and carers are all made welcome. Professional therapists are available to chat to including:
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Behaviour Support Counsellors
  • Sleep Counsellors
for more info contact 0161 286 4201 or visit www.togethertrust.org.uk

Autism Friendly Session at Bredbury Library 

Date: Thursday 23rd May
Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue: Bredbury Library, George Lane, Bredbury, SK6 1DJ
Cost: Free
Explore the Bredbury Library with a  Storytime. Books, internet, quiet space and information. Sessions every fourth Thursday of the month.

Creative Mums 

Date: Starts Tuesday 7th May & 10th May Respectively
Time: 9:30am - 11:30am
  • Belmont and Lancashire Hill Statewell Satellite, Heaton Norris, SK4 1ND (Starts Tuesday 7th May) 0161 218 1198
  • Reddish Vale Startwell Satellite, Stockport, SK5 7EU (Starts Friday 10th May) 0161 480 619

Creative Mums is a free 6-week arts for wellbeing programme for new mums experiencing mental health issues, facilitated by a professional artist. Creche facilities at the centre can be arranged if essential. 

if you would like to sign up contact ring the contact for your chosen venue listed above or visit arc-centre.org

SPACE Stockport Monthly Meet 

Date: Wednesday 8th May 2019
Time: 19:00pm - 21:00pm
Venue: Funky Monkey Coffee Company, 175 - 177 Bramhall Lane, Stockport, SK2 6JA


Monthly meet ups for parents and carers of children with ADHD.

Our meetings are informal and parent led. The committee responsible for the group are all parents of children with ADHD.

From time to time, we bring in expert speakers to share useful information with the group and help signpost agencies and services that can be useful for families with children who have ADHD.

If you are a parent or carer of a child with ADHD but can’t join us for coffee, you can still connect with the group online via Facebook and Twitter.

If you have an event in the next coming months and would like to get featured please email : comms@healthwatchstockport.com or call 0161 974 0753 


Diabetes UK and the NHS have developed new guidelines and now they need your feedback on new guidelines that set out how people with lived experience should be involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation of diabetes services in the Northern region.
To get involved with the consultation
click the link here. Consultation open till the 29th May.

My MS My Needs

My MS My Needs is one of the largest surveys of people affected by MS in the UK. It asks people with MS about their experiences, needs and priorities.To take the survey please visit www.ukmsregister.org and join the UK MS register,  or by phone to 0300 500 8084 
And if you would prefer to complete the survey over the phone, you can call us on 0300 500 8084. The survey will be open from 1 March to the 31 May 2019
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