Octobers Hero of the Month: Debbie Gale

Each month we will be showcasing a local community hero that has gone above and beyond! This month we take a look at Debbie Gale.
October's Hero of the Month

This year hasn't been easy for the vast majority of people. At the start of lock-down many people were asked to self-isolate and many volunteers, neighbours and professionals put themselves forward to help out where they could including to pick up shopping, medication or even carry out welfare checks on the most isolated and vulnerable people. Each month we are going to put a spotlight on some of our community heroes that have gone above and beyond and really done their community proud in Stockport. This months hero for October is
Debbie Gale. 

Below is an account from a family who have truly valued the input from Debbie.

I am a carer to my son who has Asperger's / autism. Debbie works for SMBC, she has been in touch all of lockdown sending me emails to help me as a carer for me and my son. She has helped me more than anyone with information to keep us going.

Debbie works for Stockport Council and does a tremendous amount of work updating people and other organisations with information, news and events. We have been told that she has been phenomenal in updating people with information all throughout the lockdown. We at Healthwatch Stockport knows the good work Debbie does as she updates almost every other day with vital information for us to pass onto the people of Stockport. 

We would like to say Thank you Debbie - Keep up the good work. 

My adult son has learning difficulties and autism and has been extremely traumatised by the lockdown. Instead of being out every day and most evenings he has been stuck in. Debbie has been coming to our house and taking him for walks, answering all his endless questions. She has supported me emotionally and offered us phone calls even at the weekends. To help him she has included him in small groups to learn about social distancing, hand sanitiser etc which he is very resistant to. She has taken him to his old office so that he can see that no one is working..Her support and understanding to both of us has prevented us going under. And I know that she has supported so many other people with her deep understanding of their problems.

Janet also wanted to comment on your outstanding work Debbie

“You were a lifeline in our darkest hours and continue to gives us invaluable support and understanding. Mohamed and Janet.”

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