Exam and Work Stress Services


Formerly known as the Big White Wall, Togetherall represents our community, which is open and inclusive to all people. Togetherall offers a place of safety without judgement for people to get together virtually to support each other. They too provide recommended resources, information and self-guided courses to support you whether you're struggling with depression, anxiety or other common mental health related problems.

You can access togetherall 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact Details

Visit their contact form via their website

36-38 Whitefriars Street, London EC4Y 8BQ

Chathealth (NHS service)

ChatHealth is a for young people to get advice and support around health related issues directly from the School Health Service.

It is a safe and secure messaging service which protects confidentiality and anonymity. Young people aged between 11 and 16 can text for advice on all kinds of health issues, such as sexual health, emotional health and wellbeing, bullying, healthy eating and any general health concerns.

The service is provided Monday to Friday 9am-4pm including school holidays. You simply text 07507330205

Contact Details

Text 07507330205