What is The Healthwatch Stockport Reading Group?

Increasingly local organisations (especially health and social care services where sometimes terminology can be unfamiliar) would like feedback on the materials they produce such as posters, leaflets and standard letters. Healthwatch Stockport has decided that we would set up a group who could help review the materials from a public and lay perspective. Currently we have around 20 members who review materials on a regular basis, these members are our Reading Group.

Do I need any Skills or Experience?

No, just a keen eye for a well written and presented document that is jargon free and one that most of the public will easily understand. We would like to hear your thoughts on how it could be improved.

How will I receive the Information?

We will either post the materials to you at home as soon as we receive them or if you prefer and if available we can email them to you. We will let you know if there a time in which the authors would like comments back, we will provide you with a sheet for your comments. All we ask if you would email them back or pop them back in the free-post envelope provided.

Do I need to attend any Meetings?

From time to time we may invite members of the reading group to meet up as a collective group, to meet each other, discuss how the reading group is progressing and if there any issues which need to be dealt with. These may only occur once or twice per year and you are not obliged to attend.

How will my comments make a difference?

In exchange for sending Reading Group comments through to the organisations requesting feedback, we ask the organisations to feedback to us, the changes that they have made in light of the comments they have received from the Reading Group. We can then let you know what changes have been made as a result of the feedback the Reading Group has given.

Data Protection 

If you are already a member we will hold some personal data already. If you are not a member, we will ask you to complete a brief membership form. We securely store your basic details so that we can send you materials and notify you of work we are carrying out. We will not use your data for any other purpose nor will we share them with any third parties. You can ask for your details to be removed at any time.


Examples from the reading group

Family and Friends Test

How do I get Involved?

The easiest way to get involved is by becoming a member and registering your interest below. If you are already a member please register your interest below. 

Become a member

Email and register your interest in becoming part of the reading group.

We will send a confirmation when the interest has been recieved - thanks.