Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2020 - Public Opinion Report

The purpose of the JSNA is to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community and reduce inequalities for all communities. The core aim of the JSNA is to develop local evidence based priorities for commissioning.
JSNA Report 2020


In 2015, we were invited to be part of the Stockport Joint Strategic Needs Assessment [JSNA] refresh and we were pleased to seek and share public opinion to help inform the strategy. Again in 2019, we were again invited to be involved and I am happy to describe our involvement in the refreshed Stockport JSNA.

It was helpful to get out and talk to people about

“What matters to you most when accessing health and social care services?”

The question was set and based loosely on what we asked people in 2015, in which we asked them to describe what a good health and/or social care experience looks like.

It was designed on a postcard with a freepost return address to Healthwatch Stockport to make it as easy as possible for people to complete and return. We also ran the survey on an online survey platform and through our Healthwatch Stockport website.

We offered an incentive to encourage people to respond by placing participants in a prize draw to win a £50.00 shopping voucher.

Regular social media posts were created throughout the duration of the competition to encourage all who worked and lived in Stockport using health and social care services to complete the question.

We visited/liaised with a range of groups and attended events that were running over late summer.

“What matters to you most when accessing health and social care services?”

Top 3 Themes

1 - People wanted to be listened to

2 - People felt they waited too long to receive appointments and were often not seen promptly at the time allocated for their appointment which impacts on travel access, car parking, anxiety etc.

3 - People wanted to feel respected and valued and wanted staff to be genuine, caring and kind.


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Public Opinion Report JSNA 2020

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