Was the estimated population of Stockport In 2015. Come and join the Stockport 100 and be one of the people helping to improve health and social care services in Stockport. 

What is the Stockport 100?

Periodically we will be running a survey that helps us review an issue in our work programme about local health and social care services.

We want at least 100 local people to share with us their thoughts, views and experiences of health and social care so that we can shine a spotlight on services and present our findings to commissioners and providers of those services.


What is in it for you?

Besides helping services in your area to improve and enable more people to have a better health and social experience, after each survey closes, we will hold a prize draw. The more responses we receive the higher the value of the prize! [Terms and conditions are published on our website]

It will also make you part of a group that tackles current affairs within the health and social care system. It will give you the chance to be part of our Healthwatch Stockport community.

Short and Easy

We know sometimes surveys can be a pain, so we want to make sure you know that these surveys will be short, so they are not time consuming. We also want to make sure the questions are easy so that there is no effect on your behalf.

What type and how many surveys will I be answering?

Every survey will be about something totally different and can range from anything to do with health and social care, for example from dental access to experience at your local GP surgery. We aim to produce at least 4 surveys per year. However sometimes there may be more but you are not obliged to complete a certain number of surveys. However you must complete a survey for a chance to win one of our prize draws.  

Meet Pui 

Meet Pui the winner of the first Stockport100 survey! 

'What Matters to you when using health and social care services?' was our first survey where we asked you one question on what actually mattered to you when using health and social care services. With 100 responses to the survey, we picked names out of the hat to reveal Pui our winner - the winner of a £50 Amazon voucher.

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Data Protection 

If you are already a member we will hold some personal data already. If you are not a member, and you do not need to be a member of Healthwatch Stockport to be part of the Stockport 100. We will ask for your consent to securely store your basic details so that we can send you the Healthwatch Stockport 100 Surveys and notify you if you win one of our prize draws. When we analyse the results they will always be anonymised so that your results will not be identifiable to you. We will not use your data for any other purpose nor will we share them with any third parties. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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