Inspiring Enterprise programme launches in Stockport

Sector3 have launched a new programme called inspiring enterprise. This programme is for unemployed members of Stockport.

We would like to share the news of a new programme Sector3 have launched called Inspiring Enterprise.

With funding from WEA European Social Fund Sector3 have created a programme aimed at inspiring more people to explore a career in Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprises do so much for our communities, providing employment as well as giving back to society, we have many enterprises existing in Stockport already that serve as fantastic inspiration.

Inspiring Enterprise is a free career development programme for unemployed individuals in Stockport. Along the way participants will gain access to mentors, hear from local enterprise owners and develop their personal skills and an action plan for their career next steps. This could be deciding where to volunteer, work or even set up their own enterprise! 

Sector3 are hosting two taster sessions on Friday 25 June for individuals to find out more about the programme and work out if it's for them.

As the programme is solely open to unemployed individuals in Stockport Sector3 are reaching out to local organisations and support services who are in contact with unemployed residents and can share details of this programme with them.

They have a dedicated page on the Sector3 website with the full details of the programme, taster sessions and promotional materials to help you share this with your networks. Please feel free to utilise the flyers and images in your newsletters, social media, website etc. 

Link to full programme page for more info:

You can find the suggested promotional copy below as well.


Inspiring Enterprise - Communications Pack

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