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I R U 23.7.21

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Latest Statement from the Director of Public Health

Message from Alison North (Stockport Council) 

Hope you are all keeping well and are looking forward to the weekend.

Please find the link to the latest Statement from the Director of Public Health - Stockport Council

In our borough, cases are currently at 607.7 per 100,000, which equates to 255 cases per day*. Thanks to the remarkable vaccine programme, we continue to see a weakened link between cases and hospitalisations, but this link has not been broken completely, and bed occupancy is still rising in Stockport. Currently, COVID-19 patients occupy 19 beds in Stepping Hill hospital, with 2 unfortunately in the ICU. This is expected to rise further due to the high number of cases in the borough.

We will continue to be asking residents to get a vaccine when called at the weekly pop ups – especially to get two vaccines, to continue lateral flow tests over the summer along with the hands, face, space and ventilation messages.


Greater Manchester Mobility & Disability Equipment Thrift

Message from Jan Kitchen (Lived Experience Panel Member)

Greater Manchester Mobility & Disability Equipment Thrift  “This group is to enable the community to thrift mobility and independent living aids that social services or the NHS do not want returning. So instead of sending these items to landfill, why not share them with others who may be in need because they are either waiting for an assessment or cannot get access to certain equipment.  Let’s save the NHS some money and help others at the same time.”

I often see people asking for temporary crutches, wheelchair etc.

You can find the group here, please join if you feel you can provide/need mobility and disability equipment.


Launch of new autism strategy to help autistic people live more independent and fulfilled lives

Message from Department of Health and Social Care

Wednesday 21st July, the government has launched a new strategy to help autistic people live more independent and fulfilled lives, from early years into adulthood and through adults.

The five-year strategy aims to make life fundamentally better for autistic people, their families and carers by 2026 by:

•    improving understanding and acceptance of autism within society

•    improving autistic children and young people’s access to education

•     supporting positive transitions into adulthood

•    helping more autistic people into employment

•    tackling health and care inequalities for autistic people

•    building the right support in the community and supporting people in inpatient care

•    improving support within the criminal and youth justice systems: 

Click here to read the autism strategy.


The HAF programme is now accepting applicants

Message from Stockport Council

School’s out! Applications are now open to enrol children in a holiday clubs programme over the summer. 

There are free places available for children and young people eligible for free school meals. This opportunity is provided as part of the government’s expanded Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme being delivered across Stockport.

The scheme provides fun activities and nutritious meals for primary and secondary school aged children who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals. We also have limited discretion to offer places to children who don’t get free school meals but are otherwise vulnerable. If you know of a family who would benefit from free provision, but don’t meet the criteria, please let us know so we can try and support them to access the programme.  

Children will be able to access up to 16, 4 hour sessions, with some clubs offering longer sessions, throughout the summer holidays. This includes specific provisions available for children with SEND or additional needs, at no cost to their family. The sessions will include a variety of fun activities, including sports, music, arts and other exciting opportunities to learn and develop skills, alongside a nutritious meal each day. 

You can search for provision by looking on the Childcare Directory and look for clubs offering free HAF places. This is not fully up to date yet so keep checking back or contact us if you can’t find anything suitable. You can also direct parents to the website for more information on the HAF and to search for their own activities:

If you have any queries regarding the HAF programme, please email A phone line is going to be set up so families have a point of contact over the summer – this will be sent out soon.

In addition to this programme, families who are eligible for Universal Credit may be able to claim back up to 85% of their childcare costs. Please visit Help With Childcare Costs ( to find out more. 

Stockport Council is working with local schools, voluntary and community organisations, and childcare providers to provide the HAF programme. The free places are funded by the Department for Education. Visit the government website for more information on the national programme.


Changes to VCFSE forum dates over summer

Message from Laura Bowers (Sector3)

We've made changes to the VCFSE forum dates over summer.

There will be no forum on Monday 26 July.


Your summer VCFSE dates are as follows:

Monday 9 August 2pm - 3pm

Tuesday 17 August 6pm - 7pm (out of hours)


We'll be resuming the regular 2 week timetable from Monday 6 September.


Details are as usual:

Zoom link:

Passcode to enter: 189327


Look forward to seeing you there!

Sector3 Team


Views about and research into mental health and mental illness

Message from Irene Harris (Mental Health Carers Group)


1) A few days ago I was sent the link below, from a group member, to the article by Rebecca Lawrence who is a consultant psychiatrist.

Please read it – it isn’t long.    

 Mental illness is a reality – so why does ‘mental health’ get all the attention?


2) The next link is to an article which has also been sent from a group member, via Mind Carer Services, about  the early signs of Parkinson’s Disease being mistaken for mental illness.

This is really interesting as we know from researchers at our last conference, the link between mental illnesses and physical illnesses such as MS.


3) My last quote is one by Mary Milner Haffner which I found on the Facebook page of the National Alliance of Serious Mental Illness:

Denying a full continuum of coordinated psychiatric treatment and care to people living and suffering with untreated and under-treated serious mental illness is indeed the worst injustice of our time.

The neglect and criminalization of people with serious mental illness is the biggest civil rights and social justice issue of our time.

This group may be American, but how do we treat our own people with treatment resistant mental illness, as a society?

Food for thought!


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SWA – Stand TALL adult child and parent abuse training for professionals 22nd July 1pm
Getting benefits if you are self isolating
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Walthew House Bowling 1
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Free community IT clinic Mon & Wed 10am till 2pm – Heaton Post Hub
Picnic in the park – Heaton Moor Park – 1st August
Keep your dog safe in hot weather
NHS face coverings and social distancing
Reddish Book Club – face book group meet up once a month – open to people across Stockport
Disability Living Allowance claiming the higher rate mobility for children with LD and ASD
wellbeing support for young people in a easy to share format


Health information week

Message from Katie Platt (ABL Health)

Please find the attached flyer for our Age well with ABL groups that are going to go live come September the 6th.


Age Well with ABL Flyer Stockport


Counselling Course - Beechwood Cancer Care

Message from Amy Geldard (Beechwood Cancer Care)

Does your role involve supporting others?

Would you benefit from being a more effective communicator?

In September, Beechwood is delivering a Level 2 Counselling Concepts Course that is focused on developing skills in the professional context of counselling, communication and personal development.

We will also be offering a Level 3 Counselling Skills Course that intends to give learners the opportunity to develop a range of counselling skills and skills in self-awareness and self-assessment.

These courses are ideal for those who wish to acquire a repertoire of counselling skills for use in their professional roles e.g. Nurses, social workers and teachers.

If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please contact:


Counselling Leaflet Level 2&3


Mental health and wellbeing support for Stockport children and young people and their families over the summer

Message from Judith Strobl (Stockport Council)

Please circulate widely as you see fit. 


Wellbeing support flyerv3


Arc Creative Leaders Photography course

Message from Phill Howley (Young Person's Arc)

I'm getting in touch to share with you an opportunity that we will be offering over the summer holidays.

 We will be running a 5 week photography course that will be available for Stockport based young people aged 16 to 19.Over the course of the project the participants will take part in two guided photography walks around Stockport, they learn how to shoot and edit their own photographs using their smart phones as well as how to curating their own online exhibition. 

please see the attached flyer for more detailed information and please feel free to share around your networks or if you are working with a young person who you think would benefit from taking part in the course please don't hesitate to get in contact with me on this mental or via the phone number below.


YPA 2021 CL Photography Flyer-2


Other Useful Information

Message from Mark Emery (The Prevention Alliance)

Hiya Guys

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine.

Anyway here is some really useful information to share with your teams.


Mindfullness workshop
Returning to work - Anx
On Line Dementia Support
stockport county walking football
Printable pdf Stockroom survey
Skills for Life July - September Newsletter
Well being


Mooch and Mingle Group, Alexandra Park

Message from Mark Emery (The Prevention Alliance)

I went out yesterday for a couple of hours to one of the walking for Wellness Groups – called ‘Mooch and Mingle’, Alexandra Park, Edgeley.

It basically delivers what is say on the can. It’s a friendly, down to earth group of people, anyone welcome, no bravado. It definitely is great for people who are isolated, anxious and suitable for anyone with mobility problems, as some people just sat down and chatted, whilst others went for small walk so very flexible. They even get a warm or cold drink.

So an enjoyable place to be.

It’s not just for Victoria residents, in fact I met one of Laura’s (colleague) guys who travelled from Marple.

I’ve attached the general flyer.


TPA walking poster V2 23rdMarch21

Have your say on Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018 statutory guidance

Message from Department of Health and Social Care

We are currently consulting on Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018 statutory guidance. The aim of the Act and the statutory guidance is to:

  • clearly set out the measures that are needed to both prevent the inappropriate use of force
  • ensure accountability and transparency about the use of force in mental health units

We welcome all responses to the consultation, especially from those who have lived experience of mental ill health or have been subjected to the use of force in a mental health unit. 

The use of force includes:

  • physical, mechanical or chemical restraint of a patient
  • the isolation of a patient, including seclusion and segregation

We want your views to prevent the inappropriate use of force and ensure transparency and accountability about the use of force in mental health units.

This consultation will close at midday on 17 August 2021.

Click here to have your say.


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