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Your spotlight on local services

Eye tests made easy for people with a learning disability in Greater Manchester goes live on Tuesday 28th June


This new eye testing service is being piloted across all of Greater Manchester as we know that people with a learning disability are 10 times more likely to have sight problems than others and are often not accessing the eye care they need. No one is too disabled to have an eye test as there are many testing techniques that can be used. People can access longer appointments with trained opticians and other reasonable adjustments in this service (see attached presentation for more information). This service is for people with learning disabilities who will struggle to access a standard eye test, aged 14 upwards and registered with a GP in Greater Manchester.

Details of how to find accredited opticians taking part in the service can be found in the learning disabilities section at www.gmpec.co.uk

For helpful and easy read information about eye care visit SeeAbility’s website https://www.seeability.org/sharing-knowledge

If you have any questions please contact info@gmpec.co.uk

Many thanks on behalf of the Greater Manchester Local Eye Health Network Learning Disability subgroup


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