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Healthwatch Stockport Response to Non-Residential Adult Social Care Charging


Healthwatch Stockport has submitted its response to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council's Adult Social Care Non-residential Charging proposals.

Healthwatch and its members participated in a public consultation launched by the council on changes proposed due to continued budget reductions for community-based services which help people to live independently in their own home.

These included proposals to remove any subsidies across all non-residential services.

This means that people are charged the actual cost of the service to the council, not a reduced rate. The amount people will pay towards the cost of their care depends on an assessment of their financial situation.

One of the proposals is about the maximum amount people may currently pay for their package of care. It is currently £289 per week and the proposal is to increase the maximum assessed charge to £400.

Other proposals include changes to lifestyle services programmes and encouraging people to share their views on the Stockport Local Assistance Scheme (SLAS) arrangements.

In general, Healthwatch Stockport opposes the proposals based on the feedback we received through our initial Healthwatch Stockport meetings on the subject, the focus group held with DJS Consultants, meetings and conversations with third sector members and through conversations with members and members of the public.

Healthwatch Stockport feels these proposals targets people who have worked hard and tried to save for their retirement in good faith and now this is being asked back from them to pay for their care.

We have summarised the objections and submitted a list of recommendations.

Areas of concern also include the inconsistencies in entitlements and quality of care across Greater Manchester and the council, lack of support for financial assessments, lack of information in order to fully understand the implication of the changes and the allocation of funds raised through the increases to Council Tax.

We have also raised issues regarding the time allowed for the consultation and the lack of engagement with the third sector in the lead up to the proposals being made.

To read our full response please click the link below!




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