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Patient voice lost as wards and beds close


Healthwatch, Stockport’s health and care watchdog, are outraged that Stepping Hill Hospital failed to involve and consult with patients and patient representative bodies such as Healthwatch when making plans to close wards and beds within the hospital.

One ward will close from today and yesterday was the first we have heard about it, despite having regular meetings with key Managers including the hospital Chief Executive’ Maria Kildunne Healthwatch Chief Executive said.

Sue Carroll, current Healthwatch Stockport Chair said ‘we are not aware of any patients being involved in these decisions, Healthwatch definitely wasn’t and that is very sad. We could have helped the Trust to fulfil their duties and follow good practice guidelines in involving patients and patient groups. We will be making further checks and holding the decision makers to account

Sue went on to say ‘we appreciate cash is reducing in the NHS, however there are better ways to inform and involve patients and the concerned community when these changes have to be made’

David Kirk, volunteer patient lead for hospital care at Healthwatch said ‘These are very worrying times for the patients and residents of Stockport, there will be a Board Meeting taking place on Thursday 4th August starting at 1.45pm I will be urging as many people as possible to attend to hear the Board discuss these decisions’

For more information call 0161 974 0753.

For more information contactMaria Kildunne maria@healthwatchstockport.co.uk 


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