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Stockport Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-2020


The refreshed Stockport Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy is now available


The JHWS (Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy)


  • summarises findings from Stockport's JSNA about needs and priorities for health and wellbeing
  • informs the public about the current health and care system in Stockport
  • provide the public and the health and wellbeing board with a whole system view of the strategies and plans across health, adult social care, public health, children’s services and beyond which are being implemented to meet the identified needs.
  • identify key successes from the previous year and key actions for the next year which will be undertaken.
  • set out the vision for 2020/21 and outcome measures by which the overall success of the strategy will be measured.

This strategy pools the collective work of the Stockport Health and Wellbeing Board and partners, so that the range of activity is more clearly understood, so gaps can be identified and so that the Board and local organisations can be held to account for delivery.

This document sets out the priorities and current plans for the three years 2017-2020, but will be refreshed each year to update plans and report outcomes, ensuring that the strategy remains relevant and reflects the developing programmes.

This strategy has been produced jointly by Stockport Council, NHS Stockport CCG, Stockport Healthwatch and many other contributors from partners, other professionals and voluntary and community sector representatives.

If you have any feedback or comments please contact jsna@stockport.gov.uk


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