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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic Healthwatch Stockport had a number of volunteers sign up to help buy and deliver shopping, collect and deliver medication and become volunteer drivers for the food bank amongst other efforts. 

During this time, we noticed there were many lonely, isolated and vulnerable people out there, many of them older people with little or no family nearby.  To help combat the loneliness Healthwatch Stockport decided to set up a pen pal scheme whereby people in the community could volunteer to write to a pen pal in the community.  

Local organisations have been referring people in the community to the scheme and now we were hoping to include care home residents who may want to share their life experiences, hobbies and interests with people outside of their care home. This may be something residents could take part in with a family member.

If one of your residents is interested in becoming a pen pal, we will send them some FREEPOST envelopes, a pen and some writing paper along with a Pen Pal Good Practice Guide to help them get started. To ensure everyone is safe and no personal details need to be exchanged all letters are exchanged via the Healthwatch Stockport office.

Join the Pen Pal Scheme


This is a great project that was set up during the pandemic, it is such a good feeling to see people communicating the old fashioned way. We all now have one thing in common and that is Covid-19 - it has taken some of our loved ones and we really want to make sure no one feels isolated in this day and age


Healthwatch Stockport Pen Pal Scheme Leaflet
Pen Pal Letter for Care Homes in Stockport
Inside Guide to Letterwriting from the Old Vic

Whats Included?

When you sign up to the Pen Pal Scheme you can expect to receive the following;

  • Writing paper
  • Free post envelopes x2
  • Healthwatch Stockport pencil
  • Healthwatch Stockport pen
  • Healthwatch Stockport postcards x2 (Feel free to draw on these)
  • Healthwatch Stockport logo badge
  • Healthwatch Stockport Information and Signposting leaflet

Find out more information

If you would like to know more information on joining you can contact Shirley Hamlett our Research and Information Officer who runs the Pen Pal Scheme. You can find out more about Shirley in her staff profile here.

To contact Shirley you can email her at or contact the office on 0161 974 0753.

 Shirley circle photo